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Since 2010, Varsity Software has been partnering with educational institutions and their affiliates to create innovative technology solutions. Whether you are a CTO who has been tasked with developing a new mission critical app or a professor looking for a reliable programmer, we will work with you to take your project from idea to reality.

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  • Strategy

    Our company can help you create the best strategy to maximize your app's potential.

    Too often, a product is developed without full consideration of the user community, operating costs and necessary upgrades. We can help you successfully strategize before you spend a dime on development.

  • Specifications

    Our company can help you create your software requirements specification.

    If you decide to use an offshore development team, this specification document will be the programmers guide to ensuring your vision is developed properly. Therefore, it is imperative that the document is an accurate description of your application's functions and features.

  • User Interface Design

    Our company can help you design a modern user interface

    Everyone deserves a world class experience when interacting with your application. A clean, consistent and purposeful design is absolutely necessary in order to keep your application fresh and relevant in a crowded marketplace.

  • Development

    Our company can help you develop your software.

    You might not be able to write a single line of code but we are fluent in multiple programming languages (including C#, Objective C, Java, Python and Javascript). We use an agile software development process to ensure that your project evolves and adheres to your vision.

  • Customer Service

    Our company can help you better serve your customers after your software has launched.

    Managing user feedback is absolutely critical for protecting the reputation of your application. We can help you monitor your user community and manage bug tracking which feeds into your version upgrade process.


  • SIAC Sports

    SIAC Sports is the NEW Official iOS and Android App for the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC).

  • 47 Farms

    47farms is a web-based solution that enables commerce between farmers and institutional buyers, including schools and hospitals.

  • Galacam

    Galacam is a versatile hardware and software platform that makes it easy to share photos and videos from events!

  • MyLARC

    MyLARC is an iOS app that provides teenage girls with information about Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC).



  • 1992 - It Begins

    That was the year that our founder, John Weaver, graduated from Princeton University. His first job out of college was at a startup company in the burgeoning software industry and this experience planted the seeds which would grow into Varsity Software.

  • 2000 - AOL Acquired Time Warner

    This triggered a vesting of stock at Time Warner. By this time, John had become a Vice President of Information Technology within the Warner Music Group so he decided to cash in his stock and try to launch his own software company. But his timing was bad because the dotcom bubble burst before he could launch the business. So John became the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of LISC and ran the New York City Marathon (twice, but not on the same day).

  • 2005 - Started Reunion Technologies

    After leaving LISC, John received an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation, John co-founded a company called Reunion Technologies. John and his partners built a successful business around the unique phenomenon known as Princeton Reunions and this planted the seeds for the foundation of Varsity Software.

  • 2010 - Founded Varsity Software

    John spins off Varsity Software from his work at Reunion Technologies and begins to offer a multitude of software products and services to colleges, universities and other clients in the educational sector. Over the years, Varsity Software has developed software solutions that have been used by millions of users. Contact us today to get your project off the ground!